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New add for open access music journal list
Michael Fitzgerald (guest) 28 Nov 2009 21:10
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Current Research in Jazz
ISSN 1944-4877

Current Research in Jazz is an online open access journal designed to publish peer-reviewed articles of original jazz research. In addition to shorter articles of a scholarly nature, it publishes bibliographies, indexes, chronologies, and other research aids to serve and support jazz scholarship.

It encourages an approach to writing about jazz that is informed by musical and historical knowledge, that is rooted in scholarly rigor, and that is not compromised by commercial interests.

Articles in Current Research in Jazz are published on a rolling basis. Each volume consists of the output published in a single year. There are no fees. All content is freely available on the website: and a dedicated RSS feed is available so that feed subscribers will be notified whenever a new article is added.

Founding Editor:
Michael Fitzgerald, University of the District of Columbia

Editorial Board:
Ted Buehrer, Kenyon College
Steven L. Isoardi, Ph.D.
Matthew Snyder, The New York Public Library
Sam Stephenson, Center for Documentary Studies

New add for open access music journal list by Michael Fitzgerald (guest), 28 Nov 2009 21:10
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