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Action, Criticism and Theory for Music Education
Tags: curriculum education en history journal psychology sociology us
Description: "ACT publishes refereed and invited critical, analytical, theoretical, and policy development articles of international interest that illuminate, extend or challenge the Action Ideals of the MayDay Group. Research based in and across a variety of disciplinary perspectives is thus encouraged and welcomed: e.g., education, music, philosophy, sociology, history, psychology, curriculum. Frequency of issues is determined by submissions, approvals and technical preparation." from

Anuario musical
Tags: ca de en es ethnomusicology eu fr gl it journal pt spain
Description: "Fundada en 1946 por Higinio Anglés, director del entonces llamado “Instituto Español de Musicología” del CSIC, Anuario Musical es la decana entre las publicaciones periódicas dedicadas a la Musicología en España. El contenido de la revista consiste en artículos de investigación musicológica, tanto en las vertientes de Musicología histórica y estudio de las fuentes musicales, como en el área de la Etnomusicología, la práctica musical, la organología, etc., es decir, todos los campos de la Musicología." from
Articles are available for free six months after initial print publication.

Bifurcaciones : revista de estudios culturales urbanos
Tags: chile es journal multimedia urban
Description: "bifurcaciones es una revista de estudios culturales urbanos, fundada de manera independiente en Julio del 2004 por Ricardo Greene y Diego Campos. Su objetivo principal es el de apoyar y promover una reflexión crítica y rigurosa acerca de las distintas representaciones de la vida urbana contemporánea… bifurcaciones se interesa en productos culturales como cine, literatura, fotografía, diseño, música, arquitectura y urbanismo, cada uno de los cuales propone una manera particular de entender la relación entre la ciudad y sus habitantes." from

British Postgraduate Musicology
Tags: en journal (post)graduate reviews uk
Description: "British Postgraduate Musicology is a peer-reviewed journal run by postgraduates for postgraduates. It began in October 1997 as a print publication (ISSN 1460-9231),.. This site includes the full text of the current volume of British Postgraduate Musicology, as well as back issues from volume four onwards." from

Chapter and Verse
Tags: en journal popular uk
Description: A Journal of Popular Music and Literature Studies, appears to have ceased after three issues.

Critical Studies in Improvisation/Études critiques en improvisation
Tags: canada community en fr improvisation journal rss socialpractice
Description: "Critical Studies in Improvisation/ Études critiques en improvisation is an open-access, peer-reviewed, electronic, academic journal on improvisation, community, and social practice housed at the University of Guelph. The editorial and advisory boards are made up of leading international scholars spanning diverse disciplines." from

De Musica
Tags: aesthetics it italy journal philosophy theory
Description: "This is the first Italian Journal on Line about Philosophy, Aesthetics and Theory of Music" from

Tags: aesthetics analysis fr france history journal philosophy
Description: "…la revue électronique DEMéter (dont l'appellation est issue de « Département d'Etudes Musicales ») a pour principal objectif de mettre en regard les différentes formes d’expressions artistiques contemporaines, à travers des publications à caractère philosophique, esthétique, historique, analytique.Il s'agit de faire dialoguer les créateurs, les analystes (musicologues, filmologues, plasticiens, architectes…), les philosophes, les historiens, autour du concept même de création contemporaine pour tenter d'en dégager les principaux enjeux." from

ECHO: a music-centered journal
Tags: cultural en journal multimedia (post)graduate us
Description: "Echo’s purpose is to create a forum for discussion about music and culture that includes voices from diverse backgrounds. To that end, we endeavor to make all work accessible to readers without formal musical training; the use of sound and film clips in our journal enables writers to discuss nuances of performance without relying solely on music notation. Articles address music in diverse social contexts, and are not confined to any geographically, historically, or methodologically bounded genre." from

Electronic Musicological Review
Tags: brazil criticism journal pt research technology
Description: "A Revista eletrônica de musicologia é um periódico anual em linha cujas submissões são avaliadas por pares. Seu objetivo principal é promover o desenvolvimento da pesquisa científica nas áreas da música brasileira, da tecnologia musical e da musicologia crítica (ou "nova musicologia"). " from

Empirical Musicology Review
Tags: emperical en journal obsrevation research systematic us
Description: "Empirical Musicology Review publishes original research articles, commentaries, editorials, book reviews, interviews, letters, and data sets. Suitable topics include music history, performance, theory, education, and composition — with an emphasis on systematic methods, such as hypothesis-testing, modeling, and controlled observation. Submissions pertaining to social, political, cultural and economic phenomena are welcome. Theoretical and speculative articles are welcome provided they contribute to the forming of empirically testable hypotheses, models or theories, or they provide critiques of methodology." from

Frankfurter Zeitschrift für Musikwissenschaft/Frankfurt Journal of Musicology
Tags: de journal switzerland
Description: "The FZMw is not limited to any particular theme, and accepts submissions from anyone. It contains articles, reviews and reports. The FZMw also offers a section "Texte und Materialien" (Texts & Materials). These materials are intended to be of use to those studying or teaching musicology. The FZMw does not intend to promote any particular scholarly viewpoint, nor to propagate any philosophical or methodological approach. The content of individual contributions does not reflect the opinions of the editors. The FZMw also offers students of musicology the possibility to contribute. The main principle here is that contributions offer something new and relevant for the discipline. Submissions which are essentially university essays will be refused." from

Journal of Interdisciplinary Music Studies
Tags: en international journal multicultural multimedia tr turkey
Description: "The Journal of Interdisciplinary Music Studies (JIMS) is an international peer-reviewed journal. Published twice per year, it aims to establish a broad interdisciplinary platform for music researchers. JIMS especially promotes collaborations between sciences and humanities and between theory and practice, and provocative submissions that stimulate interdisciplinary discussion.
The journal aims

  • to contribute towards an understanding of music in all its manifestations, definitions and contexts
  • to promote interdisciplinary synergy among humanities, sciences and practically oriented disciplines
  • to promote academic quality and the application of research findings"


Journal of Music and Meaning
Tags: denmark en journal meaning significance
Description: "JMM: The Journal of Music and Meaning is an on-line peer-reviewed journal for multidisciplinary research on music and meaning. The editorial profile of JMM accommodates an inclusive plurality of methods and disciplines and welcomes contributions from a variety of fields, such as: philosophy, mathematics, physics, musicology, medicine, acoustics, neurology, theology, literary studies, philosophy of science, music pedagogy, computer science, semiotics, sociology, linguistics, religious studies, anthropology, psychology, biology, education studies, music therapy, culture studies, etc. JMM aims to bridge the gap between various studies in meaning and signification and areas of research in music. JMM especially encourages any multidisciplinary research on meaning that is able to challenge conceptions of music, or research that explores the notion of meaning by the study of musical phenomena." from

Journal of Seventeenth - Century Music
Tags: en history journal performance reviews theory us
Description: "The Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music (JSCM) is published by the Society for Seventeenth-Century Music to provide a refereed forum for scholarly studies of the musical cultures of the seventeenth century. These include historical and archival studies, performance practice, music theory, aesthetics, dance, and theater. JSCM also publishes critical reviews and summary listings of recently published books, scores, and electronic media." from

Journal of the Society for Musicology in Ireland
Tags: criticism en ethnomusicology ireland journal (post)graduate
Description: "The Journal of the Society for Musicology in Ireland (JSMI) exists to promote Irish musicological scholarship. Hence, one of its main goals is the presentation of musicological work related to Ireland. This notion encompasses, besides topics concerning Ireland and its music, articles by Irish authors or by authors based in Ireland. Yet this is just one focus and is not intended to exclude contributions of other kinds. Indeed, JSMI invites contributions from any area of research related to any kind of music, by authors of any nationality whether based in Ireland or not. This includes work resulting from interdisciplinary approaches." from

Lista Electrónica Europea de Música en la Educación
Tags: education en es it journal methods pt research spain
Description: "online electronic journal covering all aspects of musical education and pedagogy. Published twice a year since 1998, the journal covers a diverse range of musical education topics, including: cognitive development; hypermedia in education; popular music; musical aesthetics; and teacher training. The articles, which are made available in PDF form, are generally in Spanish with a short English abstract. Access to the articles is by volume and issue only: there is no search facility. In addition to the articles themselves, the website also includes guidance for authors. The website is entirely in Spanish, apart from translations of articles titles into English and their English abstracts." from

Min-Ad : Israel Studies in Musicology Online
Tags: analysis education en ethnic he history isreal journal theory
Description: "Min-ad (Hebrew for gamut) is aimed at a diverse community of music scholars. The Editor welcomes submissions in diverse areas of music research (among them historical, theoretical, analytical, ethnic, educational, and cognitive). Submissions that concern Judaic, Hebrew, or Israeli themes are particularly welcome." from

Music & Anthropology Journal of Musical Anthropology of the Mediterranean
Tags: anthropology en italy journal mediterranean research
Description: "M&A (Music and Anthropology) welcomes contributions from two main fields of research:

  • theoretical and methodological discussion of anthropological approaches to the study of all kinds of music and musical practices;
  • case studies, preferably concerning music of the Mediterranean or connected to Mediterranean cultures."


Music & Letters
Tags: classical en international journal popular uk
Description: "Music & Letters is a leading international journal of musical scholarship, publishing articles on topics ranging from antiquity to the present day and embracing musics from classical, popular, and world traditions. Since its foundation in the 1920s, Music & Letters has especially encouraged fruitful dialogue between musicology and other disciplines. It is renowned for its long and lively reviews sections, the most comprehensive and thought-provoking in any musicological journal." from
Requires free registration.

Music Theory Online
Tags: en jobs journal reviews theory us
Description: "Music Theory Online is the refereed, electronic journal of the Society for Music Theory, Inc. Published several times each year, each issue includes features such as articles, book reviews, and reports from a distinguished panel of International Correspondents. In addition, MTO publishes announcements of upcoming conferences and calls for papers, a list of job opportunities, abstracts of recently completed and in-progress dissertations, and summaries of recently published books." from

Performance Practice Review
Tags: de en es fr it journal nl performance us western
Description: "Performance Practice Review is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to the study of Western musical performance practices." from

Tags: en it italy journal (post)graduate
Description: "“Philomusica on-line” is a musicological periodical, created to present the research activity of the Department of Musicological Science of the University of Pavia, and to offer a space for an exchange of ideas and collaboration amongst scholars. Interdisciplinarity is here the underlying thread, in fact the enrichment of knowledge, the development of methodologies and the widening of views in all areas can provide points of contact with those who work in other fields, propose or exclude analogies, and stimulate new ideas. Each issue includes studies, reviews and news; space is moreover set aside for the contributions of young graduates and those about to graduate from the Department." from

Piano Pedagogy Forum
Tags: education en journal piano us
Description: "It is hoped that Piano Pedagogy Forum can be a focal point for the dissemination of current thought regarding the art of teaching and its related disciplines. It is also hoped that Piano Pedagogy Forum can be a repository for collected opinion and wisdom reflecting the continuing search for the purest truth of musical expression and communication. Perhaps the ideals of the classical world can be renewed and fostered in a new Athens." from

Polish Music Journal
Tags: en ethnomusicology journal poland us
Description: " The Journal's purpose is to provide a convenient, modern forum for publication of studies of the music that is not well known in the West. The editors wish to fill in the gap between the Polish researchers, publishing in their native language, and the English-speaking world. In order to make use of the capabilities of the electronic media, the Journal includes scanned musical examples (score excerpts), illustrations, abstracts, bibliographies, hypertext notes, reprints of historical documents and source material, and other features." from

Popular Musicology Online
Tags: en journal popular uk
Description: "PMO is an online academic journal established in 2000 which is published independently. As the online successor to the hardcopy journal, Popular Musicology Quarterly, it incorporates and extends the remit of its predecessor, which was established in 1995 in the Popular Music Research Unit at Salford University, England.
PMO is published exclusively online and is a free, un-funded academic resource available to scholarly and general public readerships with an interest in debates on popular music." from

Radical Musicology
Tags: en journal reviews uk
Description: " The journal espouses no particular theoretical line, ideology or programme. However, responding to a perception that the projects going under the names of ‘new’ and ‘critical’ musicology have been succeeded by a certain disciplinary retrenchment or even counter-reaction, we aim to encourage work which explicitly or implicitly interrogates existing paradigms, and which acknowledges that musicological work will always have a political dimension. The politics we favour might be summarised as a desire to democratise the field of the permissible." from

Recerca Musicològica
Tags: ca journal spain
Description: "RRACO (Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert) és un dipòsit cooperatiu des del que es poden consultar, en accés obert, els articles a text complet de revistes científiques, culturals i erudites catalanes.
La principal finalitat de RACO és augmentar la visibilitat i consulta de les revistes que inclou i difondre la producció científica i acadèmica que es publica a revistes catalanes. Aquesta finalitat es concreta en tres objectius:

  • Impulsar l'edició electrònica de revistes catalanes
  • Ser la interfície que permeti la consulta conjunta de totes les revistes
  • Facilitar els instruments per a la seva preservació " from

Revista Catalana de Musicologia
Tags: ca journal spain
Description: Unknown,may have ceased publication in 2004

Revista Electrónica Complutense de Investigación en Educació
Tags: criticalanalysis en epistemology es journal methodology pt spain
Description: "El Departamento de Expresión Musical y Corporal de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid invita a los investigadores del aprendizaje y la enseñanza de la música de España, Portugal y América Latina a enviar trabajos para su publicación en la Revista Electrónica Complutense de Investigación en Educación Musical.
Además de informes de investigación son bienvenidos los artículos sobre cuestiones epistemológicas y metodológicas, las revisiones de libros sobre investigación, reseñas sobre congresos o seminarios celebrados que incluyan análisis críticos de las comunicaciones presentadas y de los debates habidos y, eventualmente, trabajos publicados previamente en otros idiomas cuya trascendencia para los investigadores castellanohablantes justifique su traducción (con la correspondiente autorización escrita del titular de los derechos). Los artículos pueden informar sobre investigaciones realizadas en cualquier contexto de educación musical, tanto escolar (educación infantil, primaria, secundaria) como vocacional (aprendizaje informal, clases particulares, escuelas de música), profesional (conservatorios, universidades, formación del profesorado, orquestas, estudios), comunitario (coros, bandas, agrupaciones folklóricas), terapéutico (musicoterapia) o experimental (cognición, neurología, musicología sistemática). " from

Revista musical chilena
Tags: chile culture es history journal latinamerica pt society
Description: "Desde su fundación en 1945, la Revista Musical Chilena (RMCh) publica artículos acerca de la cultura musical de Chile y Latinoamerica que aborden tanto los aspectos musicales propiamente tales como el marco histórico y sociocultural, desde la perspectiva de diferentes marcos disciplinarios." from

Samples. Notizen, Projekte und Kurzbeiträge zur Popularmusik
Tags: de en germany jazz journal popularculture popularmusic rock
Description: "Folgende Rubriken wird Samples enthalten:

  • Beiträge - An dieser Stelle sollen keine Abstracts veröffentlicht werden, sondern vollgültige wissenschaftliche Aufsätze von ca. 8 Seiten Länge, die jeweils ein Forschungsprojekt auf den Punkt gebracht vorstellen.
  • Projekte/Work in Progress - Unter dieser Rubrik sollen Forschungsvorhaben vorgestellt werden, die so weit entwickelt sind, dass Ziele und Methoden geklärt sind, die jedoch zur Zeit nur mit vorläufigen Ergebnissen aufwarten können. Diese Rubrik soll allen Mitgliedern ermöglichen, ihr Projekt vorzustellen und zur Diskussion zu stellen. Noch mehr als die Beiträge verstehen sich die hier veröffentlichten Artikel als Diskussionsangebote.
  • News - In dieser Rubrik werden aktuelle Termine und Wissenswertes zur Popularmusikforschung gesammelt."


South Central Music Bulletin
Tags: education en journal research southcentralus us
Description: "The "South Central Music Bulletin" (SCMB) is a refereed journal and newsletter, published by the College Music Society's South Central Chapter. It published articles on all aspects of music and music research. Articles with a special focus on teaching music at the college / university level and on all aspects of the musical life in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas are especially welcome." from

Tags: da de en journal multimedia no norse scandinavia sweden
Description: "Vi vill att publikationen ska ha ett brett spektrum från många discipliner inom musikvetenskapen, men företrädesvis artiklar som berör svensk och nordisk musik.
Vi uppmuntrar vetenskapliga texter och essäer på svenska, danska, norska, engelska eller tyska som utnyttjar internetmediet och integrerar text, ljud och grafik. Vi välkomnar även traditionella textbaserade manuskript. Föreslagna texter kommer att läsas och utvärderas anonymt av medlemmarna av redaktionsgruppen samt av externa bedömare. " from

Sul Ponticello
Tags: education es journal spain
Description: Articles, reviews, conference papers, recordings and other material relating to music education.

TRANS : Transcultural Music Review
Tags: aesthetics en es ethnomusicology fr it journal popular pt spain
Description: "Publishes contributions about (ethno)musicology in general, critical and feminist (ethno)musicology, popular music studies, music aesthetics, cognitive ethnomusicology, etc., TRANS is particularly interested in the diffusion of original work on music in the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America.." from

Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy
Tags: culture en healing journal norway therapy
Description: "VOICES: A World Forum for Music Therapy intends to support the discursive practices of music therapists around the world by producing a free first class online international forum. This publication will encourage participation from every continent and will nurture the development of music therapy practice, theory, discussion and debate. Because culture has an important role in music and music therapy, we will encourage contributions that find their source in the cultural influences of each continental region.
VOICES: A World Forum for Music Therapy seeks to nurture the profile of music therapy as a global enterprise that is inclusive and has a broad range of influences in the International arena. The forum is particularly interested in encouraging the growth of music therapy in developing countries and intends to foster an exchange between Western and Eastern as well as Northern and Southern approaches to the art and science of music therapy." from

Zeitschrift für Kritische Musikpädagogik
Tags: de education germany journal
Description: "Die ZfKM existiert seit 2002. Sie ist ein musikpädagogisches E-Journal, in dem ausschließlich theoretische und wissenschaftliche Beiträge ihren Platz finden.
Die ZfKM versteht sich als "kritisch" im Sinne von Kritik als Sichtung, Unterscheidung und Auswahl; nicht (oder nicht nur) im Sinne von Kritischer Theorie. Beiträge werden aufgenommen, wenn sie selbst eine kritische Sichtung durch ein Peer-Review Verfahren durchlaufen haben; ausgenommen davon sind Sondereditionen, die auch als Dokumentationen oder Diskussionsforen fungieren können. Die Texte erscheinen nach Eingang in unregelmäßiger Reihenfolge. Das Copyright verbleibt bei den Autoren und Autorinnen." from

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