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Digital Archive of Popular American Music
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Description: "The UCLA Music Library's Archive of Popular American Music is a research collection covering the history of popular music in the United States from 1790 to the present. The collection, fully accessible at the item level through the UCLA Library Orion2 catalog, is one of the largest in the country, numbering almost 450,000 pieces of sheet music, anthologies, and arrangements for band and orchestra. The collection also includes 62,500 recordings on disc, tape, and cylinder." from
You can search for sheet music by title, composer, subject keyword, publisher, date, and other criteria. Scans include the music notion, and covers.

Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music
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Description: "The purpose of the Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music (DIAMM) is to obtain and archive digital images of European sources of medieval polyphonic music, captured directly from the original document… where there is damage that makes these sources difficult to read, detailed restoration of copies of the original images is possible, to improve legibility and scholarly access." from

Historic American Sheet Music
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Description: "The sheet music chosen for digital reproduction represents a wide variety of music types including bel canto, minstrel songs, protest songs, sentimental songs, patriotic and political songs, plantation songs, Civil War songs, spirituals, dance music, songs from vaudeville and musicals, "Tin pan alley" songs, and songs from World War I. The collection is particularly strong in antebellum Southern music, Confederate imprints, and Civil war songs. Also included are piano music of marches, variations, opera excerpts, and dance music, including waltzes, quadrilles, polkas, etc. In addition, some of this sheet music is illustrated. These illustrations represent an important, and in some cases almost unique, source of information for popular contemporary ideas on politics, patriotism, race, religion, love, and sentiment." from

International Music Score Library Project
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Description: Temporarily closed due to international copyright issues (19/06/2008)

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Description: "The Mutopia Project offers sheet music editions of classical music for free download. These are based on editions in the public domain, and include works by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Handel, Mozart, and many others… We also host a growing number of modern editions, arrangements and new music. The respective editors, arrangers and composers have chosen to make these works freely available." from

National Library of Australia Digital Object Repository
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Description: "The National Library of Australia is progressively making information about its digital collections available using the Open Archives Initiative (OAI) protocol for metadata harvesting. … The digitised printed music collection comprises all Australian sheet music and some published albums held by the National Library published before 1930. Music is defined as Australian if it involved an Australian composer, librettist, arranger, subject or place of publication." from

Sheet Music Consortium
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Description: "The Sheet Music Consortium is a group of libraries working toward the goal of building an open collection of digitized sheet music using the Open Archives Initiative:Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI:PMH)… Member institutions and data providers have chosen to catalog their sheet music in different ways, but a very large proportion of the original sheets in participating collections has been digitized, allowing users direct access to the music itself and — in many cases — covers and advertisements that offer evidence of the cultural context in which the songs were published. " from

Werner Icking Music Archive
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Description: A huge repository of sheet music. Scores are available in multiple arrangements, and for specific instruments, Some pieces have sample audio files.

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