Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy

Link: http://www.voices.no/
RSS feed: None
ISSN: 1504-1611
Publisher: The Grieg Academy Music Therapy Research Centre (GAMUT)/University of Bergen in affiliation with Nordic Journal of Music Therapy
Country: Norway
Language: English

Description: "VOICES: A World Forum for Music Therapy intends to support the discursive practices of music therapists around the world by producing a free first class online international forum. This publication will encourage participation from every continent and will nurture the development of music therapy practice, theory, discussion and debate. Because culture has an important role in music and music therapy, we will encourage contributions that find their source in the cultural influences of each continental region.
VOICES: A World Forum for Music Therapy seeks to nurture the profile of music therapy as a global enterprise that is inclusive and has a broad range of influences in the International arena. The forum is particularly interested in encouraging the growth of music therapy in developing countries and intends to foster an exchange between Western and Eastern as well as Northern and Southern approaches to the art and science of music therapy." from http://www.voices.no/info/info1.html


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